Shaking up
our Worldview
of Health.

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Empowering doctors to empower people.

The current social contract between doctors and the people they care for, does not sustainably support the health and wellbeing of either party. Positive Medicine provides a conceptual structure to shift the balance of responsibility to support people to have the ability to respond to life’s circumstances.

Positive Medicine has created programmes that provide people with a clear framework, based on the Māori model of health, to take control of their own life and health.

David’s pathway from General Practice (GP), to becoming a specialist in the health of workers (Occupational Physician) has supported his understanding that we need to implement a new model of medical practice. David helps all those who work with him to navigate the journey of good health and proactive wellbeing to lead lives with meaning and purpose.



Changing the world is possible. It starts with me.

I described the concept of Positive Medicine to my medical student son, Matt, a few years ago. His response was, This is great Dad, and if the only person it helps is you, it’s been worthwhile.

He knew I needed to do something about my health, and it needed to be a whole person approach. Middle-aged, overweight, a heart attack, divorce and depression behind me.  The next phase of my life needed to look very different if I was to have health and happiness. Importantly, I had a mission – to fulfil my life’s purpose, and I needed to be fit and healthy to do that.


It’s time for a change in modern medicine.

Good health is not one-dimensional. It’s complex, it’s iterative and it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s integrated into our whole lives. David is helping people take the power back. Read more about the principles of Positive Medicine and his approach to smarter health.

David points out, “‘Health’ and ‘healing’ come from the Old English word ‘haelan’, meaning ‘to make whole’. It’s time for modern doctors to take up their original role, as physician healers, especially in chronic disease where cure isn’t available. That’s why it’s so important that Positive Medicine incorporates the Māori Model of health; physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. In that way, we can become whole and truly achieve health and healing”.

Positive Medicine is a great way to understand that the power to make yourself great again is within your own physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual self.